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OLMA – Online Lottery Management Application

OLMA is a web application that helps you run and manage your own online lotteries.

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How does it work?

Let's say you are an online media creator (utilizing e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and would like to announce to your audience that you are running a lottery-style contest where participants can win some cool prizes.

Of course, you could tell your viewers to send you an email or some other type of message, gather all of those and write them down into a list, assign each a unique number and somehow randomly determine the winners – a nerve and time consuming process...

Using OLMA you'd be done with all that in about 5 minutes.

In your browser you would add a new item to your lottery list, enter some relevant info about the lottery (e.g. a title or the amount of prizes) and announce the participation link OLMA generates for you to your audience (e.g. pasting it into your video's description or onto your website) – done! OLMA does all the rest for you.
Your viewers only need to follow this link to get to the participation form, fill it out and click SEND – easy!

While the news of your lottery spreads, all you need to do is sit back and watch the number of participants grow.
OLMA automatically closes down the lottery on a customizable date and even sends you a reminder email.

After the lottery is closed, it's time to draw the winners (this is where you might want to turn on your camera to publicly show the drawing)!
With a click on a button you send the wheel-of-fortune spinning to finally reveal the winning number and, optionally, the winner's name.

When the "winning tickets" have been drawn, OLMA stores the lottery's result conveniently accessible for future reference (e.g. for getting in touch with the winners).

Advantages of using OLMA to power your lotteries

Compared to most other existing ways of running and managing an online lottery, using OLMA provides lots of advantages:

  • Controllable via many internet-capable devices
  • Designed 95% responsively (looks good and works on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones)
  • No time-consuming gathering of participation messages
  • No need to manually write lists
  • No need to check for correct mystery word
  • Customizable (e.g. closing date, wheel-of-fortune spin time, display/hide winner's name)
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Drawing the winners is fun
  • Deals with all the tedious work


If you have used other means of running a lottery in the past, you already know how nerve and time consuming this can be.
Have you ever wished you could have all the fun of running a lottery without all the tedious work?
Now you can and it's easy and cheap if you consider all the work you won't have to do!

1 OLMA-powered lottery – $10

10 OLMA-powered lotteries – $50

Unlimited OLMA-powered lotteries for five years – $200

So, if you'd like to run a lottery once in a blue moon, the OLMA SILVER licence might be best for you. But if you are a professional used to run lotteries on a regular basis, you are probably better off obtaining an OLMA GOLD licence.

Planned features

  • Offline mode. Distribute old-fashioned paper numbered tickets among the participants and use OLMA in offline mode to generate and display winning ticket numbers from that pool.
  • More options to further customize the application.
  • Tell-a-friend function. If you as an OLMA user recommend OLMA to a friend who then becomes an OLMA user, as well, you receive a bonus.

About the author

Christian Scholz-Flöter lives in Hamburg, Germany, and has been in the business of web programming since 1995 utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to create websites, games and content management systems.